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ZheJiang RuLei Industry CO., LTD It is an enterprise which specializes in green environmentally safe products of Hi-Tech energy-conservation, Set up in 1991, our company specializes in manufacturing plastic pipes, the related plastic fittings and Aluminum-Plastic Compound Pipes that required being environment-protective and energy-saving. For years, by the full advantages of our technical research, modern equipment and state-of-art experience, we hold tight our motto---based on science and technology, quality superior and first, and contributing to the mankind---in the piping industry. Our great achievements and breakthrough have been widely recognized in this manufacturing sector.

At present, our mainly products are PE Feed Pipes, PE Gas Pipes, PP-R Pipes and Aluminum-Plastic Pipes. By employment of latest superfine particle toughening and reinforcement technologies, all of our products have come up to or outreached American ASTM.F1281, 1282 and German Din8077, 8078 standards, in addition, we can customize pipes to be ordered in strict accordance with your particular requirements. Pipes of ˇ°Ruleiˇ± brand have found wide utilization in China and the exportation to lots of countries and regions keeps going on. It is well-known and highly-praised that our devotion in superior quality, reasonable prices, quick delivery and excellent services.

The companies products are rigorously enforce according to such standard production as world, country, trade, enterprise etc., already through country, authoritative department measure qualified provincial, at city level, In 1999, our company was the first that passed the certification of ISO9000 in Aluminum-Plastic Pipe Industry in China. In 2003, we passed the all-round certification of environmental management system ISO 14001:1996 .For the highly quality, the products won ˇ° the certificate of recommended products of engineering construction ˇ±, which was awarded by construction department. Besides, they are evaluated by French technical quality supervising evaluating committee asˇ± the recommended products to European Union ˇ±.

We are the Designated production enterprise for China construction products and the member company of China Construction Association. The products are considered as the quality creditable and world wide famous brand. In China, we have been honored by the local health authorities or pipe-related authorities in the regions that our products are selling, while in the world, with the principal business ethics deep in heart, we abide by the local laws and regulations so that we can keep supplying more superior products and good services. We are eagerly willing to improve and promote the technical advancement in the pipe industry with you, and share with you in the brilliant future.

We will continue to be single-minded in pipe manufacturing, and we look forward to cooperating with customers home and abroad to an eventual two-win business triumph.

ADD: No.88, ShanYang Road,Tongyu Industrial Park Of LuQiao Borough, TaiZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China.
 FAX: 0576-82333777  E-mail: rulei@rulei.com
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